Dr Kerstin Meints

(KM, Project leader Reader in Psychology, UoL) is director of the Lincoln Infant Lab with 20 years experience of experimental research with children using a range of laboratory and observational methods and having developed a range of testing and assessment software that is in use world-wide7,a. 

Technician Alan Woodford programmed all studies, RAs Victoria Brelsford, Janine Just, Sophie Hall, Charlotte Hall, Corinne Syrnyk and RF Nelly Lakestani ran / analysed the studies with KM. 

Tiny De Keuster (Visiting Research Fellow at UoL, European Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medecine , and since 2012 part-time Professor of Companion Animal Behaviour Medicine at Faculty of Veterinary MedecineUniversity of Ghent) acted as consultant.

Lincoln Infant and Child Development Lab