The Blue Dog Trust was formed as a not-for -profit organisation in the UK on 13th November 2005.

The declared objects are (whether within the UK or elsewhere throughout the world) to promote the education of children in their relationships with dogs by:

1. Sponsoring research

2. Producing, promoting and distributing educational materials.

The first resouce was the interactive CD-ROM with its printed parent guide. This was well received in scientific circles, and the parent guide translated into a range of languages.

However, promoting a prevention message to the public (in common with all prevention programmes) proved to be challenging. People do not always believe that they themselves are at risk, so they may not actively seek out advice.

New Website

For this very reason, the new Blue Dog website was developed. Whilst this might at first sight appear to have a wider remit than the original aims and objectives, it was felt that these could be best achieved by attracting as many users to the site. Only time will tell, but we sincerely hope feedback will be positive.

If you have any comments, whether positive or negative, we would welcome them, please forward them to us via the e-mail link.